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Create Your New Path


We all want to change something in our lives.

We want to stop feeling stuck and start feeling like we have power, freedom and choice.

But how can we get there?

Sometimes we can force ourselves to make change, but it doesn't always stick. Or we can make a change in one area of our life and a problem pops up somewhere else. We get tangled up in a knot of never ending cycles trying to fix what seems broken. The more often we force change and fail, the more we end up feeling ashamed and hopeless. Why even try?

The Good News Is....


We can untangle the knots that hold us back and create a life we never thought possible!


Hi, I'm Georgia Barnwell

Energy for Transformation grew from my desire to help people discover their inner power to make change.

First, with lots of help from teachers and friends, I found my own power to make some pretty big changes. I moved away from self-defeating patterns that kept me stuck in suffering and created new pathways to success. My life is now filled with more connection, compassion, creativity, courage, and JOY!

I have been around a while and have experienced a lot of personal and health challenges and I understand what we face as humans on this journey. I hold a space of safety, non-judgement and compassion as clients shift what is holding them back into power for change.

I use Conscious EFT™, and other forms of Energy Coaching to help people:

  • build a solid foundation of grounded self regulation, confidence and increased capacity for growth,
  • find clarity around unresolved experiences, limiting beliefs, and feelings of being stuck in life, and
  • create inspired actions that that bring desired changes to life!
Georgia Barnwell


"I would recommend Georgia’s approach and work to people who are experiencing symptoms of trauma or anxiety, especially related to ourselves individually and our shared future on the planet. She creates a safe space for those of us interested in taking charge of creating positive transition for ourselves in a changing world."
(NS, Nova Scotia)



“I feel so fortunate to have connected with Georgia. Her compassion, wisdom and guidance, creative approaches and commitment helped me work through a really bleak time in my life. I probably would have survived without Georgia’s help but she helped me to a place where I can imagine I will thrive again. I am grateful beyond words.”
(Karen, Manitoba)