How do we see our world?

Our nervous systems reflect what is going on around us and within us. We can all have days when we feel: frozen, numb, shut down and simply can’t get out of bed. That’s our Freeze … Read more

Nourishing Comfort

  Do you need some comfort? As the weather gets cold and grey, our attraction for comfort foods can go off the chart. Stuck inside, fewer opportunities to connect with nature and its nourishing energy, … Read more

Welcome to November

Here we are, deeply into November and the unseasonable sunny weather has finally given way to the grey. In November, I expect to feel uninspired and part of me just wants to settle into the … Read more

Let’s Carry the Gratitude of Thanksgiving Throughout the Year

It sometimes feels easier to feel gratitude in this harvest season. We are receiving the benefits of a beautiful summer and packing away the resources to keep us nourished in our nests over the winter. But … Read more

It’s Salsa Season!

So many tomatoes! Gotta find a way to enjoy them over the winter. I love them with some pesto and the zucchini fritter recipe I shared last month. The pesto and zucchini freeze easily, and … Read more

Do You Want Fries with That?

Like many of us this summer, I was glad to get out with friends to share a few meals and celebrate as things opened up for us here in Nova Scotia. I have grown to … Read more

Zucchini Fritters

Zucchinis are so generous! In no time, they grow from tender little fingers to robust doorstops that we don’t always know how to use. One of my favourite ways to use up big zukes is … Read more

Tending Our Gardens

Gardening season is special to me in so many ways! It brings both a practical and a symbolic connection to how we move through life. In Nova Scotia, the seeds we planted and nurtured in … Read more

Let’s Toast to Summer!

Nourishing beverages refresh and nourish our microbiome. We all know the fierce thirst that summer heat can bring. We lose electrolytes and fluid and start to feel woozy. In the old days, when people worked in … Read more

Self-Medication or Self-Nourishment: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

I was remembering summer days as a child and teenager before I ‘grew up’. They always held time and space to hang in the hammock or sit by the lake, without a care in the … Read more

Creamy Hemp Dressing

Leafy greens and summer vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals and help reduce inflammation. Paired with a creamy hemp dressing, we are getting a double dose of anti-inflammatory nourishment. The hemp contains balanced protein, … Read more

Finding a Roadmap for Change

We are all carrying extra stress these days. And this affects us at every level of experience. We feel it in our bodies, our emotions and thoughts, and in what we want to do (or … Read more

Let’s Try Some Green Cheese!

If you are intentionally choosing to reduce dairy products in your diet, or even if you just like a variety of yummy foods, check out this recipe for Green Cheese. Guess what? There is no … Read more

Let’s Make Some Nurturing Choices

Did you know that what you eat can have a profound impact on how you feel safe to show up in the world? I always knew what we eat has a huge impact on our … Read more

Fermented Beverage – Beet Kvass

One of the easiest ways to bring some more life into your diet, and your life, is to start your meal with a fermented beverage. This is great for your immune and digestive systems and … Read more

Are You Stuck in a Rut? Going in Circles?

We all have so many things to manage just to get through the day. And on top of simply getting through the day, we all have expectations and desires to make changes in our lives. … Read more

Are You On Your Last Nerve?

“I’m on my last nerve!” I hear that a lot. I used to feel like that most of the time. My nervous system had been stuck in chronic stress for years. I learned that I had been … Read more

Finding a Recipe for Transformation

I have always been interested in food and how we nourish ourselves, and that journey has brought a lot of surprises over the last few decades. One of my early motivators was the belief that, … Read more