Workplace & Family Wellness

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for Family & Friends

Create a Container for Peace

Do some or all of these describe you?

  • stressed all the time
  • not sleeping well
  • overwhelmed
  • on your last nerve
  • indigestion
  • always sick
  • just want to escape your responsibilities

When we start working together, these are a few of the words new clients use to describe their daily lives. After we have worked together, these words change to:

  • I can manage stress in the moment.
  • I'm sleeping well & have more energy.
  • I'm more relaxed.
  • I can deal with whatever my day brings.
  • I'm feeling hopeful and capable.
  • I'm excited to try new things!

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On Demand Classes

Put Some LIFE in Your Diet!

Learn how to improve your digestion, support your microbiome and boost your immunity with ferments, sprouts and living foods. It's easy to add these yummy LIVE foods into your daily diet.

Learn How you can Put some LIFE in YOUR Diet


for your Workplace

Reset Resilience

Increase peace, productivity and employee relations in your workplace

We know that chronic stress is the new 'normal' but it doesn't have to be.

We also know that stress in the workplace reduces productivity, creativity and the capacity to solve problems. And it increases burnout, turnover and sick time.

Workplaces are recognizing the benefit of Workplace Wellness programs that enhance both employee wellness and the bottom line.

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Self-Care for the Caregiver

Are you stressed and burned out from supporting clients in crisis? Join us to learn how you can release this load and create calm and resilience in both your work and home life.

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