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Nourishment for Body, Mind and Spirit

Most of these classes are available live and online while some are recorded and ready whenever you are.

In my own journey, emotional regulation and healthy nutrition have gone hand in hand. Sometimes I needed to focus on food and not emotions, and other times, a I needed to focus more on the deeper emotional regulation and healing.  I recognize now that they are both essential 'nutrients'. They support each other in creating new opportunities for deeper self care and and add to a more compassionate and joyful relationship with ourselves.

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for Family & Friends

Creating Peace on your cancer journey

Any health challenge brings its own unique and complex experience for ourselves and our families. This program has been designed for those on a cancer journey to provide tools and support for emotional regulation, creating peace and improving your quality of life. Join us for a 4-week Creating Peace Program  where we will learn some simple and effective tools to regain our emotional balance and create a foundation for self-care.

Click here to learn more details about the Creating Peace Program

Message me to hold your space on the waiting list. Please add Creating Peace Support Group to the subject Line. Once we have 4 committed participants we will find a schedule that works for everyone.


Here's what a recent participants said about her experience in the program:

"The creating peace class was a godsend during a very tumultuous time in my life. I definitely used the skills that you taught in my daily life to help manage the fight and flight that was occurring in my system. The information was presented in such an organized and clear way and being able to practice in person with you was priceless. I felt very loved and supported and gained a lot of knowledge about how to move energy."

"I really got tools that I will use for the rest of my life to calm my body, clear my mind, and continue to lean into loving and accepting myself. I don't think we can hear that or tell ourselves that too much."

Click here to learn more about creating peace on your cancer journey.

Create some Peace in your neighborhood

Message me below to discuss how you can bring this mini-program to your family & friends. Tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Put Some LIFE in Your Diet!

Learn how to improve your digestion, support your microbiome and boost your immunity with ferments, sprouts and living foods. It's easy to add these yummy LIVE foods into your daily diet. We make 4 different fermented recipes to show you how to work with different types of foods, we learn how to grow sprouts, in jars and trays, and we make some nut/seed milks. And we learn a bit about the nutrition behind living foods and why they bring so much new energy into your day. $49CDN.

Message me below to organize payment and delivery of the course.

Living Nutrition Master Classes

I spent many years doing live masterclasses here in Nova Scotia. I loved every minute spent with people hungry for good food and conversations that spark a more deeper and more respectful relationship with local and seasonal food. But our world has shifted and I have decided to start bringing these classes online. I look forward to sparking some fun and inspiration with you!

Join me for some seasonal fun where we gather around the table to create some nutrient-dense foods that will bring energy, gut healing and pleasure to your table. We explore cutting edge topics in nutrition and food preservation that will help you take advantage of the seasonal bounty in your community and your garden.

More details are coming, but for now, message me to find out how you can bring these seasonal Master classes  to your kitchen. Each class brings nutritional information and a bit of food science PLUS some yummy recipes to enjoy. Here is a little taste of how we nourish ourselves around the seasons.

  • We greet the fresh growth of spring by learning about living nutrition and we concoct some spring magic to sweep out the winter cobwebs and support our own cleansing and new growth. Topics include: gentle cleansing and living nutrition.
  • In summer we dive more deeply into absorbing the energy and nutrition that actively growing food brings. And we start to explore how we can bring some of this goodness with us into the fall and winter. Topics include: Celebrate summer recipes and dehydration of veggies and gluten-free breads/crackers.
  • In fall we celebrate the harvest by learning how to preserve for the winter. We explore fermentation nutrition and how it supports our microbiome and learn how to make some tasty ferments in our own kitchens. A second masterclass explores simple water bath canning methods.
  • In winter we add some life to our diets with sprouts and microgreens. This is an easy and fun way to bring high-density nutrition to your plate for pennies a day.

These classes can be provided live online for your group and recordings will also be available as we work our way around the seasons.

I can't wait to play with food! What about you?

Disclaimer: Please note that these food courses are meant to provide education on traditional food skills only. The information is not meant to treat disease. Because we are all biochemically unique, the nutrition education here is not meant to address specific digestive or metabolic needs. It is assumed that you are each working with a trusted health provider.

for your Workplace

Reset Resilience

Increase peace, productivity and employee relations in your workplace

We know that chronic stress is the new 'normal' but it doesn't have to be.

We also know that stress in the workplace reduces productivity, creativity and the capacity to solve problems. And it increases burnout, turnover and sick time.

Workplaces are recognizing the benefit of Workplace Wellness programs that enhance both employee wellness and the bottom line.

Learn more about Resilience Reset Retreats

Self-Care for the Caregiver

Are you stressed and burned out from supporting clients in crisis? Join us to learn how you can release this load and create calm and resilience in both your work and home life.

Learn more about Self-Care for the Caregiver programs.