Creating a Container for Peace

Create a Container for Peace

Do some or all of these describe you?

  • stressed all the time
  • not sleeping well
  • overwhelmed
  • on your last nerve
  • indigestion
  • always sick
  • just want to escape your responsibilities

When we start working together, these are a few of the words new clients use to describe their daily lives. After we have worked together, these words change to:

  • I can manage stress in the moment.
  • I'm sleeping well & have more energy.
  • I'm more relaxed.
  • I can deal with whatever my day brings.
  • I'm feeling hopeful and capable.
  • I'm excited to try new things!

This small group program can help you shift out of overwhelm and into joyful presence.

In these 4 session, 7.5 hour programs you will:

  • learn easy techniques to manage stress
  • experience how you can shift into peace and calm in the moment and gain new insights around your current challenges
  • take home evidence-based tools to help you and your family more easily navigate the daily ups and downs of life

Programs are divided into four sessions: The intro session is 3 hours, with 3 additional ninety-minute sessions at weekly intervals for exploring your new foundation of resilience, answer your questions and provide support. Depending on your location and needs of the group, sessions may be offered in-person or on zoom.

The tools and techniques we introduce include EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other similar Energy and Mindfulness-based practices). All tools have a history of research demonstrating their effectiveness as well as countless recommendations from those who have used these techniques to transform their lives!

Connect with me to discuss how to bring this powerful tool to your friends or family.