Creating Peace


Next Program Begins March 24, 2024.

Are you ready for some peace in your life?

Are you navigating a cancer journey? Do you feel overwhelmed? Like there is too much information to process? Not sure how to make the 'right' decision? Unable to balance all the self care 'must dos'?

On this journey, your body goes into survival mode. You are fighting to get rid of cancer. And that's a very good thing! But that activated fight response can take over your nervous system and your daily life. Our nervous systems are not meant to be in active defense 24/7, and this takes its toll on everything.

What if you could create an emotional sanctuary with stability and peace at its center? IT IS POSSIBLE! Please join us to support each other on this journey as we learn how to use evidence-based Energy Psychology Tools to shift out of stress and build our capacity for peace on this journey.

Creating Peace is a small-group program exclusively for those going through a cancer journey and has 3 different options for engagement.

Level 1: Creating Peace Masterclass/Half-day Retreat (minimum 4 and maximum 12 participants) is a 3-hour class where you will:

  • learn how a range of energy psychology and energy medicine techniques can provide emotional first aid and self-regulation. These practices support nervous and energy systems to enhance your quality of life;
  • experience the benefits of using these tools during and after class;
  • take home tools to build a foundation of emotional success to use daily.
  • Creating Peace Masterclass investment: Early Bird (before March 12): $126 US ~ after March 12:$149US
  • Register here:


Level 2: Creating Peace Group Coaching & Support This is a very small group program. (minimum of 4 of 6 participants) is a weekly 2-hour facilitated group coaching/support session offered over 5 weeks. We will hold space for participants to integrate learning from Level 1 and support each other as we create more space for peace in our daily lives. Small groups are beneficial in several ways. We are small enough to ensure that everyone gets individual attention when they choose, but large enough to create meaningful connections and support for each other. And long-time research in EFT shows that all participants 'borrow benefits' as members make shifts in their own challenges. We will stay connected between our weekly meetings, through a group chat option.

  • Creating Peach Group Coaching: Early Bird (register before March 27) $295 US ~ after March 27 $349US
  • Register here.

Here are some comments from previous program participants:

"The creating peace class was a godsend during a very tumultuous time in my life. I definitely used the skills that you taught in my daily life to help manage the fight and flight that was occurring in my system. The information was presented in such an organized and clear way and being able to practice in person with you was priceless. I felt very loved and supported and gained a lot of knowledge about how to move energy."

"I really got tools that I will use for the rest of my life to calm my body, clear my mind, and continue to lean into loving and accepting myself. I don't think we can hear that or tell ourselves that too much."


Optional Add-on to either Creating Peace Masterclass OR Group Coaching: Individual coaching sessions with me. These can be booked during or after the group sessions. These sessions are also available at a reduced cost for participants in this program. Even when we engage consistently in self-regulation work as taught in this program, we can benefit from additional one-on-one support. We can discuss your individual challenges and needs to determine the best way to work together. Investment per session: $115US. Connect with me here to discuss how we can work together.


This program is based on the understanding that our nervous system state is the key to both our emotional and physical  health. The program has three purposes:

    1. To help participants learn to use well-researched and effective Energy Psychology tools including EFT, Havening Techniques and other Energy Medicine tools to build nervous system stability and resilience to navigate the challenges of daily life.
    2. For the Small-group Support Option, we will offer support to each other on this journey. Each week we will do some group tapping to address issues that are coming up for for us. EFT is well known for 'borrowing benefits' , meaning that when we tap together as a group, we each receive benefits even though our issues and concerns may not be the same. These group tapping sessions will help us all by reducing distress, increasing well-being, and the sharing insights that help us all.
    3. The individual sessions with me will provide space for individuals to explore and process specific issues they are facing.

This is a powerful program where we come together with a common purpose and an intention to hold each other in compassion, respect and support. Participation is also a commitment to self care.

Please message me at to ask questions or to hold your space in the waiting list. The next program will begin in March of 2024. Please add Creating Peace to the subject line.

Looking forward to seeing you create peace with us soon!