Self-Care for the Caregiver


Are you stressed and burned out from supporting clients in crisis?

Join me to learn how you can release this load and create calm and resilience in both your work and home life.

This three-session, 6 hour program is specifically designed for those who provide support and care for others as part of their jobs. We know that those in the helping professions work in highly stressful environments and are vulnerable to taking on the traumas of their clients. We use EFT/Tapping and other cutting-edge Energy Psychology and mindfulness tools that are scientifically-proven mind/body technique that quickly stops the stress response.

These are easy-to-learn tools that can be used in a moment of stress for emotional first aid and as a consistent practice to build a strong foundation for self-regulation.

Give yourself and your employees the gift of peace.

This workshop will provide both information and experience. You will learn:

  • the origin of EFT/Tapping and how it can be used by individuals and professionals,
  • the science behind EFT and Energy Psychology(EP), and how they balance the nervous system,
  • how you can work more deeply to experience the benefits of EFT in your own life, and
  • how and where to learn more about how to use with others for emotional first aid.

You will experience:

  • how tapping can reduce stress and bring calm in the moment,
  • how to use these tools to build a solid foundation of emotional success.

You will take home:

  • educational resources and tapping tools for your own self care.

This program consists of one 3-hour introductory session, followed by 3 one-hour integration sessions where you will deepen your understanding and receive support in using Conscious EFT regularly to manage your stress.

Please contact me to discuss how we can bring this essential resource to your workplace or small group.