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  • managing overwhelm?
  • navigating a challenging health journey?
  • changing old patterns with food and self care that are keeping you stuck?
  • getting clarity on what's next for you?

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Monthly Events

Emotional Support Tapping Circle

Join my colleague Mitsuko Ito and I for a monthly Emotional Support Tapping Circle. We will go through simple exercises including Tapping to balance our nerves and increase our QOL (quality of life.) We will also learn new stress reduction and emotional regulation techniques to take home.

We look forward to sharing some peace with you then!

There is no fee to attend but we request a donation of $5-10 to help offset costs. Click here to donate.


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And did you know?

According to 10 years of studies done at Harvard Medical, stimulating specific pressure points down-regulates the amygdala (the stress center in our limbic brain,) leading to an overall feeling of reduced stress and more calm.

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Upcoming Coaching/Support Groups

Creating Peace on your Cancer Journey

(Join the Waiting List for our Summer Group)

Any health challenge brings its own unique and complex experience for ourselves and our families. This program has been designed for those on a cancer journey to provide tools and support for emotional regulation, creating peace and improving your quality of life. Join us for a 6-week Creating Peace Program  where we will learn some simple and effective tools to regain our emotional balance and create a foundation for self-care.

Click here to learn more details about the Creating Peace Program

Message me to hold your space on the waiting list. Please add Creating Peace Support Group to the subject Line. Once we have 4 committed participants we will find a schedule that works for everyone.


Here's what a recent participants said about her experience in the program:

"The creating peace class was a godsend during a very tumultuous time in my life. I definitely used the skills that you taught in my daily life to help manage the fight and flight that was occurring in my system. The information was presented in such an organized and clear way and being able to practice in person with you was priceless. I felt very loved and supported and gained a lot of knowledge about how to move energy."

"I really got tools that I will use for the rest of my life to calm my body, clear my mind, and continue to lean into loving and accepting myself. I don't think we can hear that or tell ourselves that too much."

Click here to learn more about creating peace on your cancer journey.