Resources for Breast Cancer Integrative Healing Members

Reset your Resilience

A journey through cancer challenges our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional capacity at a basic level. We are all doing the best we can in any moment to keep it together and do what we can to care of ourselves in this new and uncertain territory. Some days it seems impossible. It might feel like we are on our last nerve.

What is your experience?

Do you feel like you have to fight this demon? Or do you want to hide from it? Neither feeling is wrong, and some days you might feel both, and many other urges and emotions. The emotional turmoil that accompanies this journey makes it even more difficult to navigate and feel certain that we are doing what we can to come through to the other side. Learning how to balance our nervous system is an essential step in navigating this journey.

How I can help

I work with women to help them make peace with the emotions and confusion that comes up, develop new ways to regulate their nervous systems, and build a solid core of emotional resilience.

I offer a number of resources for members of this group, all based in Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine:


  • Small Group Programs for friends and families wanting to support each other through this journey. These single session workshops on zoom are 2 hours and you will learn how to use Tapping, Havening and other tools for emotional first aid and self regulation.  The investment for a small group of 2 to 6 people is $195US. Connect with me to book a session for you and your friends or family.


  • Creating Peace Support Group

Are you overwhelmed by information, afraid to make the wrong decision about treatment, or unable to balance all the self care 'must dos'?

On this journey, your body goes into survival mode. You are fighting to get rid of cancer. And that's a very good thing! But that activated fight response can take over your nervous system and your daily life. Our nervous systems are not meant to be in active defense 24/7, and this takes its toll on everything.

What if you could create a sanctuary with stability and peace at its center? IT IS POSSIBLE! Please join us to support each other on this journey as we learn how to use evidence-based Energy Psychology Tools to shift out of stress, reduce inflammation in body/mind/spirit, and build our capacity for peace on this journey. Click here to learn more.


  • Creating Peace Program for Individuals - for those on the cancer journey, or their supporters. This program has the same resources and purpose as the Creating Peace Support Group listed above, but has been tailored for those who wish to work one-on-one. This program has 4 sessions scheduled over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Clients learn how to support their nervous systems to come back to balance, and then we work to identify key goals that support a grounded and resilient state - one that we can come back to in moments of stress and upset. Book a complementary discovery call to see how we can work together. I offer a special price of $599US for this comprehensive program. Sessions will include education about the nervous system, experiential learning to apply Energy Psychology tools and support around specific issues of concern to the client.


  • Individual Coaching sessions are available for $95US per hour.