Creating Peace Support Group

Are you overwhelmed by life? Too much information and not sure how to make all the decisions ahead, or unable to balance all the self care 'must dos'?

On this journey, your body goes into survival mode. You are fighting to get rid of cancer. And that's a very good thing! But that activated fight response can take over your nervous system and your daily life. Our nervous systems are not meant to be in active defense 24/7, and this takes its toll on everything.

What if you could create a sanctuary with stability and peace at its center? IT IS POSSIBLE! Please join us to support each other on this journey as we learn how to use evidence-based Energy Psychology Tools to shift out of stress, reduce inflammation in body/mind/spirit, and build our capacity for peace on this journey.

Creating Peace Support Group

This program is exclusively for those going through a cancer journey and combines small-group learning and support with two individual coaching and support sessions for each participant.

Group Sessions:

Day 1: is 3 hours where you meet the rest of the group and:

    • learn how techniques for emotional first aid and self-regulation can support nervous system to enhance your healing;
    • experience the benefits of using these tools during and after class;
    • take home tools to build a foundation of emotional success to use daily.

Days 2, 3, and 4 happen at weekly intervals after Day 1. These will be 2 hour sessions where we will reconnect to integrate our learning and offer support to each other.

Individual Coaching/Support Sessions

These can be booked during or after the group sessions. The program includes two one-on-one sessions with me as part of the investment. Additional sessions are also available at a reduced cost for participants in this program.

This program is based on the understanding that our nervous system state is the key to both our emotional and physical  health. |The program has three purposes:

    1. To help participants learn to use well-researched and effective Energy Psychology tools including EFT, Havening Techniques and other Energy Medicine tools to build nervous system stability and resilience to navigate the challenges of daily life.
    2. To offer support to each other on this journey. Each week we will do some group tapping to address issues that are coming up for for us. EFT is well known for 'borrowing benefits' , meaning that when we tap together as a group, we each receive benefits even though our issues and concerns may not be the same. These group tapping sessions will help us all by reducing distress, increasing well-being, and the sharing insights that help us all.
    3. The individual sessions with me will provide space for individuals to explore and process specific issues they are facing.

This is a powerful program where we come together with a common purpose and an intention to hold each other in compassion, respect and support. Participation is also a commitment to self care.

Investment: $499US is a special rate offered to members of this group.

This program is offered quarterly. These are the dates for the next available Create a Container for Peace:

DATES -to be announced

This is a very small group program with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 participants. If you'd like to hold your space, a non-refundable deposit of $100US can be arranged by contacting me. The total investment is $499US.

To join the waiting list for the next program please message me at to ask questions. Please add Creating Peace to the subject line.



Looking forward to seeing you create peace with us soon!