Get back to feeling good again. Move with more comfort and energy.

Welcome to a new discovery!

Patches and Socks? Really? How could they help?

I am an absolute nerd for energy-based solutions for what ails us. There are many resources that can help us navigate the ups and downs of life, and I have tried many of them.

Imagine my surprise when I found that these well-researched and evidence-based Vibrotactile Technology tools could help give me that extra energetic nudge to feel better every day.

I don't share anything I haven't tried on myself.

My experience has been that these products have helped me regain more balance, mobility and general wellbeing in my life.

I have worked with a number of long-term health challenges and I am grateful to find that these products have given me an energetic nudge that boosts my quality of life and opens new possibilities for me every day.

I invite you to explore the possibilities!

Socks and Patches to support wellness!


Vibrotactile Technology sends wellness messages to your brainstem that reduce pain, enhance mobility and balance and improve quality of life. These are drug-free and non-invasive.


Socks, insoles and knee supports all support general wellness, mobility and balance. Many users experience improved athletic performance and reduced pain. Learn more about socks and insoles.

The Patches have more specific uses, including supporting the immune system, reducing pain, helping sleep, improving mental focus and much more! Learn More about patches.

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