Is Food your Friend? or your Enemy? or a Bit of Both?


little georgia

Reset your relationship with food.

Increase your energy, reduce inflammation and support mind/body wellness.

And guess what? Your relationship with food is really about your relationship with yourself! Tap into a new way to love, accept and nourish yourself!

Nourishment for Body, Mind & Spirit

We are not merely physical beings. We are a complex energetic dance of thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are reflected inside, in our bodies, and outside, in our lives.

Nourishment is far more than food. There are many other sources of nourishment for mind, body and soul. Some are more tangible than others. Food, drink and exercise are fundamental physical nutrients. But joy, creativity, and connections with others are also essential nutrients that must be factored into a balanced diet.

"Georgia's program has made me more conscious of the food I am eating and the state of my being as I consume meals and snacks. I have learned so much in the way of foods that might support a healthy microbiome and feed good gut bacteria which has supported my AD[H]D and 'foggy brain'. While the program is loaded with great content, the star of the show is Georgia with her vast knowledge of fermentation, supporting a healthy microbiome, and healthy alternatives for our most beloved 'go-to' comfort foods that may not make us feel so great after. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves food but wants to transform their relationship with it!"

Work with me to Reset Your Relationship with Food

Given that most of our daily behaviour is run by subconscious programming, it’s no wonder that we have trouble meeting our dietary goals. Sometimes we seem to use food as punishment and not nourishment!

  • Cutting-edge research shows that if we eat in a state of stress and self-judgement, we feed a deeper shame/blame cycle that keeps us struggling.
  • I support clients to release their battle with food and step into a place of self-acceptance and joyful nourishment.

Using Energy Psychology (EFT and Havening Techniques) can help us to unpack our relationship with food and find authentic nourishment. And it can help us create a balanced diet of food, fun, friends and creative growth.

Many of us think that eating a ‘healthy’ diet is all we need to do, but we can have no end of difficulty sticking to this vision of perfection! We can judge and punish ourselves harshly when we think we are not living up to our own strict standards (or those put there by someone else). But our biology, emotions and mind/body connection are complex, and there is no simple solution. But we CAN start to unravel the threads that tie us down.

I have a lot of experience in this area as someone who has studied nutrition from many perspectives, and more importantly, as someone who has lost and gained the same 50 pounds more than once. Now that I have Energy Psychology (EFT and Havening Techniques) as the foundation of my daily practice, I have been able to establish a happier relationship with nourishment, and let go of the expectations of perfection that can be paralyzing. The first essential nutrient is self-acceptance.



We start by exploring how your emotional relationship with food and self nourishment shows up in your daily life and get clear on how you want to change it. This program is about more than what you 'should' eat! We are complex beings and this program brings together knowledge and tools to navigate the challenges of being human. We learn how to support three body systems that must work together to bring balance, resilience and vitality. We learn how to help our gut/digestive and nervous systems work together with our body's energy systems to build a stable foundation for change.

In addition to anti-inflammatory nutrition, we learn Energy Psychology (including Tapping and Havening Techniques) and Energy Medicine tools to reduce cravings and emotional eating. This creates a foundation of emotional stability and capacity to navigate the ups and downs of daily life without turning to food. In each session we learn how to ADD IN foods and practices that enhance our vitality and pave the way for the changes we want to create.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn how to reduce stress and inflammation in your body and emotions and discover a deep understanding of your unique relationship with food and stress,
  • Take Home new tools that support a happy relationship with food that nurtures and nourishes you every day, and
  • Experience how it feels to create new possibilities for yourself!

This program can be taken by individuals OR small groups of 4 to 6.

For groups we meet once a week for 2 hours over six weeks to create this foundation for sustainable change.

Investment:: for groups of 4 to 6: $520 CDN per participant.

For Individuals we meet weekly for 90 minutes over 6 weeks.

Investment: $1350 CDN

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For Graduates of the Reset Program, you may choose to Deepen your exploration and build your capacity for long-lasting change. We start to explore how our relationship with food and self nourishment is reflected in other parts of our life. This brings new insights into how we want to move forward to create a life that nourishes and nurtures ourselves deeply. We identify challenges that hold us back, gain insight into how we might transform these challenges and identify inspired actions that are meaningful and motivating to create our desired changes in daily life.

Message me below to discuss how you'd like to work together.