Level 2: Deepen your Relationship with Food

We know that sustainable change requires a solid foundation and consistent action.

  1. A balanced and resilient nervous system. This is where we start in this program. You will learn about your nervous system and how managing stress is the key to self care.
  2. Small, doable steps that are meaningful for you. We identify consistent small actions that you can take to build confidence, self-acceptance, vitality and joy! We recognize that expecting big, sudden change can set us up for failure and self-judgement. Our actions are informed by cutting-edge research on how we can take bite-sized steps to make change that sticks!

The change we are seeking also requires an understanding of how our nervous and digestive systems work together to nourish us.

You will also learn the basics of anti-inflammatory, whole-food nutrition and how to nourish body, mind, spirit while learning how to make friends with your Microbiome!

Our tools make the difference. You will experience how Energy Psychology (Tapping, Havening Techniques and other Energy Medicine practices)  help you build a solid energetic core and a resilient nervous system - in other words, you will experience more capacity to enjoy life!

You will take home tools to use every day - in the kitchen and out!

This program combines cutting-edge and evidence-based information on stress-reduction, nutrition, and how to transform limiting beliefs and behaviours into a new and joyful experience of life!

Our tools for transformation are informed by evidence-based research on the nervous system and what is needed to bring about safe and sustainable change.

We meet once every two weeks with email support between sessions. You will identify inspired action steps that are meaningful, motivating and measurable to carry out between sessions (sounds so much better than homework!).

Investment: $939 CDN

Please contact me to discuss how you could benefit from this program.