Welcome to November

yellow autumn leaves on the pavement

Here we are, deeply into November and the unseasonable sunny weather has finally given way to the grey. In November, I expect to feel uninspired and part of me just wants to settle into the long wait for spring. Doesn’t sound too inspiring does it?

One of my Nova Scotia friends once described the year to me this way: in winter, which can be grey wet and long, we are longing for spring and summer. And even before summer arrives we are carrying regret, disappointment, disgust, … you name it…. that it will be over soon and we’ll be right back into the grey wet season. And I totally see that in how that pattern has influenced how I experience the seasons.

Part of me is saying wow! all year you are anticipating what’s coming, and not being present for what is here right now! What’s up with that? And again this year, I make a resolution to try to be more present to the seasons, their energy and how they can direct our focus into deeper understanding and nourishment.

The seasons all have a purpose, whether it’s planting, growing, harvesting or simply resting. As we move into November, I am reminding myself that a resting phase is as important as any other. We need to gather what we have harvested and process its gifts. These gifts can literally be the nourishment of the food preserved from our gardens, or they can be new insights and understandings about our challenges and successes. Winter is a time of digesting, assimilating and clearing the path for spring and a new cycle of life and growth.

We have about a month before the light starts to return, and rather than mourning the shorter days, I am asking myself to take some time each day to appreciate what I experienced over the  last year. I am seeing this time as an essential step in orienting to where I am now, what I have learned and how I can apply this new knowledge to my unfolding path in the spring.

This path has a real physical parallel for me this year as I sorted and discarded what I don’t need and packed what could be useful going forward into my new home. Now I get to unpack, feel how glad I am to still have such useful ‘stuff’ and arrange it in ways that will bring comfort and utility as I rest in this winter season. And, of course, I get to re-evaluate some of my decisions. Do I really need that? What was I thinking? It doesn’t seem to fit here anymore. Did I really make the right choice? So I am bringing in my favourite way to sort out those questions and the anxiety and self judgement that can show up along any pathway. Conscious EFT has been a wonderful companion that helps me release regrets and bring in a new perspective on how my life is unfolding. And I am grateful for my tapping practice as I use it to explore new horizons and activities for the new year.

Over this time I will also be looking at my experience with Energy for Transformation to see what I have learned from my wonderful companions on this journey and will bring in your insights and suggestions as I get ready to develop new offerings that can nourish us into next spring and a new cycle of growth.